Welcome To the Show

by - January 10, 2019

Welcome to Lemonade Life with Erica Collazo & April Haldy. We are so excited you stopped by & hope that you will find inspiration, motivation & encouragement. Our mission with Lemonade Life is to bring your stories from Dallas Texas & Springfield Massachusetts as well as surrounding areas that bring hope & inspiration. These stories are entrepreneurs, families, or individuals who, even-tho life threw Lemons at them, they turned those Lemons into LEMONADE! We want to find those stories of relentless people who made the choice to stay positive, persevere & stay the course. We invite you to use the NOMINATION tab to nominate a story you feel fits this show.

Erica & April are entrepreneurs themselves, for over a decade they have fought the ups & downs, the mental battles, the successes & failures. They have devoted themselves to consistent personal development, growing networks, and becoming comfortable being uncomfortable. They have an energy that lights up a room, and makes you want to be around them, they are infectious in the most positive way.

Lemonade Life was born over a challenge of doing a 100 days of lives on social media. Erica & April soon realized they have a great following & want to give back to their communities & feature people to share their stories worldwide, not just do their own lives online. Their objective is to simply be light in the world. Your support is greatly welcomed & appreciated. Your support helps spread positivity through the world, so THANK YOU!

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